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Purchase, amendment, use and validity of tickets

You can buy an e-ticket on the e-service homepage or by logging in to your account.

We recommend that all passengers buy their ticket using the e-service. A ticket purchased from the e-service guarantees priority boarding for the departure indicated on the ticket. In addition, driving into the port area will go smoothly: the driver does not have to stop at the ticket office and can enter the port area directly via the e-ticket gate; the barrier opens automatically. A number identification camera recognises the registration number of the vehicle. If this is not functioning, you can call the number indicated near the barrier or scan the QR code on the ticket.

If you wish to travel at a time other than the one indicated on the ticket, it is good to know that an e-ticket is valid in the first-come, first-served queue starting from the time of purchase until 48 hours after the departure time indicated on the ticket.

No. Tickets can be bought in the e-service or at the ticket office at the port.

Contractual business customers operating a regular transportation service (e.g. buses) can also pre-book tickets via our customer support. Our customer support will also help you book a place for large, special or heavy vehicles.

Tickets can be bought in the e-service or at the ticket office at the port.

Tickets for foot passengers can also be bought by calling a special phone number from your mobile phone. Every port has its own phone numbers, which can be found on the board in the port building. You can buy four types of tickets by calling the special phone number displayed on the board from your mobile phone (there being a separate number for every type of ticket at each port, as displayed on the board): full, discounted and free passenger tickets as well as discounted tickets for permanent residents.

Tickets can be bought for one direction and for a specific departure. The purchased ticket is valid for the next departure.

When you buy an e-ticket, an invoice/purchase confirmation is sent to your e-mail address. If you buy the ticket while logged in to the e-service, you will also find the ticket and invoice in ‘My tickets’ under ‘My account’.

If you are a contractual business customer and use advance payment or the credit in your customer account as a payment method, a summary invoice will be sent to you covering purchases for the entire month within the first seven days of the following month in the manner determined in the customer contract. You will also find the summary invoice in ‘My invoices’ under ‘My account’ in the e-service.

The invoices/purchase confirmations for all transactions are available beside each ticket in ‘My tickets’ under ‘My account’.


E-tickets for vehicles are checked at the port in the following way:

  • We use license plate identification as the first option.
  • We identify you via mobile phone as the second option. Call the number on the barrier to open it.
  • You can scan the ticket’s QR code from the screen of your device as the third option.
  • You can enter the code manually at the self-service kiosk as the fourth option.


If you bought a bus ticket to a destination on a route that involves a ferry trip, then the ferry ticket is included in the price of the bus ticket.

Please contact our customer support by calling +372 618 1310 or e-mailing [email protected].

If you contact us by e-mail, please include the following information:

  • the date of the trip;
  • the time;
  • the route;
  • the vehicle registration number;
  • the payment order as a PDF.

If there is a ticket, we can send a copy to the same e-mail address, that was used when buying the ticket.

Check your junk mail folder just in case. It is possible that the tickets will be there.

E-tickets are valid in the first-come, first-served queue starting from the time of purchase until 48 hours after the departure time indicated on the ticket.

If you use your ticket at a time other than the one indicated on it, you cannot join the priority boarding queue in the port area with your vehicle. Instead, you will be instructed to join the first-come, first-served queue, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to board the next ferry. You can join the priority boarding queue only when you go through ticket inspection at the time of registration for the departure indicated on your ticket.

A higher price applies to certain departures at weekends. If the purchase price of the ticket increases due to these changes, the difference in price must be paid. You can view the price list here.

E-tickets can be changed and returned until 15 minutes before the departure.

Read more about changing and returning e-tickets here.

If a scheduled trip is cancelled or the time of departure is changed, the e-ticket is changed to a ticket for the first-come, first-served queue and boarding will take place in order of arrival at the port.

Up to 70% of tickets for every departure are sold via our e-service. The rest are reserved for the first-come, first-served queue.

Therefore, if tickets for the requested departure are sold out in the e-service, it is possible to board the ferry with a ticket purchased at the ticket office.

Ticket prices

The ticket prices and discounts offered by TS Laevad OÜ are in accordance with the requirements of the regulation indicated below. We created our ticket sales system on the basis of the relevant conditions. Whether you buy a ticket at the ticket office or in the e-service, the same prices and discounts for permanent residents and the procedure for calculating them apply.

Regulation no. 120 ‘Ticket prices and discounts for regular services on the Kuivastu-Virtsu, Rohuküla-Heltermaa and Sõru-Triigi ferry routes based on a public service contract’

A 20% higher ticket price applies to departures from the mainland to the islands after 13:00 on Fridays and from the islands to the mainland after 13:00 on Sundays.

  • The higher price does not apply to regular bus services or vehicles whose owner, authorised user or user is a permanent resident of or company registered in Hiiu or Saare counties.
  • The higher price does not apply to passenger tickets either.
  • If you have a ticket for a departure before 13:00 but arrive at the port at a time when ticket prices are higher, you must change your ticket at the ticket office and pay the difference according to the price list.

Ticket prices and discounts are established in Regulation no. 120 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure of 25 September 2015.


Residents of Hiiu and Saare counties and companies based there can purchase tickets at discounted prices.

Passengers whose address is in Hiiu County get a discount on the Heltermaa-Rohuküla route, and those whose address is in Saare County get a discount on the Kuivastu-Virtsu route.


  • The place of residence of the person receiving the discount must be on Saaremaa or Hiiumaa according to the Population Register.
  • In order to obtain a discount for a vehicle, the person must be named on the registration certificate of the vehicle as its owner, authorised user or user.
  • The documents required to obtain a discount are an ID card and the vehicle’s technical passport.
  • You need to have documents evidencing your eligibility for the discount at hand when buying a ticket at the ticket office or coming to the port with a ticket bought using the e-service.


  • The location of the company must be on Saaremaa or Hiiumaa according to the Commercial Register.
  • The same company must be named in the technical passport of the vehicle.
  • If a company is eligible for a discounted vehicle ticket, then based on the fact that a company is a fiction established by law and cannot drive its vehicle, the ticket is automatically assigned to the driver of the vehicle (an employee of the company), regardless of whether they are a permanent resident.
  • You must enter into a customer contract with TS Laevad OÜ in order to obtain a company discount.
  • If you buy a ticket at the ticket office, you will need your vehicle’s technical passport, which is used to check whether the vehicle belongs to the company.

Yes, in the case of private customers.

The aim of the discount is to facilitate the transportation of permanent residents. It is not designed to facilitate the transportation of the vehicle itself.

In the case of a company, the owner, authorised user or user of the vehicle cannot be in the vehicle during the crossing, as it is a legal fiction.

The discounted price is applied to a trailer, if it is connected to a vehicle that is eligible for a discount.

If the trailer belongs to a permanent resident, but there is no discount associated with the vehicle, no discount is applied to the trailer.


As a permanent resident of one of the islands, you can buy discounted tickets for any vehicles, if you are their owner, authorised user or user according to the registration certificate.

No. Doubling up on discounts is not possible.

According to the price list, students, person over the age of 65 and permanent residents of Hiiu and Saare counties can buy discounted tickets.

Creating and using an account

An e-service account is useful for managing your tickets, viewing invoices and making it easier to use our services. In addition, you can choose whether to buy an e-ticket on the website or by logging in to your account.

In your e-service account you can view, change and return e-tickets, amend your contact details and enter the details of your vehicles and frequent travellers to simplify the process of buying tickets.

Add the details of those who frequently travel with you to your account.
We recommend adding the personal identification codes of permanent residents who frequently travel with you to your account in order to speed up the process of purchasing tickets. Once saved, a personal identification code will appear as a shortcut in the box where the code of the permanent resident needs to be entered. This way, buying a ticket is quicker and easier.

Add the details of your vehicles and trailers to your account.
In your account, you can add all of the vehicles and trailers for which you often need to buy tickets. Make sure to mark the right category for your vehicles and trailers, as this determines the ticket price and will be checked at the port.
Vehicles added to an account appear as shortcuts in the box for vehicles when buying tickets.

Add the contact details of frequent travellers to the vehicle.
Apart from the type of vehicle and a description of it (main user, specific feature, etc.), you can add your phone number and e-mail address, which will automatically appear on the ticket when you select the number of the vehicle.

You can set up an account on the website.

When creating the account, enter the required information and select the means of authentication you wish to use to log in.

Information for passengers travelling in groups

Travel agencies regularly offer the opportunity to travel to exciting destinations as part of a large group – such as to explore the islands or visit its spas. As a general rule, the organiser of the trip also takes care of ferry tickets.

A larger group of friends or even new acquaintances who decide to travel together can also be considered a group. Members of such groups generally agree on the purchase of tickets among themselves.

To make the boarding process as smooth as possible, we recommend buying tickets for the bus and passengers using our e-service.

Otherwise, tickets can be purchased for the bus and passengers at the ticket office.

Every passenger needs their own ticket. There is no group ticket as a separate option for groups of different sizes.

There are no additional discounts for passenger tickets when travelling as a group – the usual price for passenger tickets applies. View the price list.

At the same time, travelling as a larger group on one bus is definitely less expensive than doing so in several cars.

This is not classed as a group trip in the usual sense.

A group generally travels from one starting point to the same destination, while passengers on a regular bus can get on at various points and choose their destination. Additional information concerning travel by regular bus can be found here.

Information for passengers with motorcycles

We recommend purchasing a ticket using the e-service when travelling with a motorcycle in order to be guaranteed boarding on the requested ferry. If you buy a ticket at the ticket office, you can board the ferry as part of the first-come, first-served queue.

Read more about travelling with a motorcycle here.


Bicycles and mini-mopeds are also considered vehicles according to the Road Traffic Act, and requirements have been established in regard to driving them. According to the existing regulation, no distinction is made between vehicles and motor vehicles when determining a higher price, so it also applies to them.

Good to know

The crossing takes 27 minutes on the Saaremaa route and one hour and 15 minutes on the Hiiumaa route.

You can obtain further information by calling our customer support on +372 618 1310 or e-mailing [email protected].

Customer support is available every day from 8:00-20:00.

To resolve complaints, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or contact our customer support by calling +372 618 1310. Customer support is available every day from 8:00-20:00.

You have the right to contact the Consumer Disputes Committee operating under the Estonian Consumer Protection Board to resolve complaints. Complaints can be filed with the committee via the European Union’s environment for resolving complaints.

If an accident occurs on the ferry itself (e.g. hitting another vehicle with your door, breaking a mirror, a motorcycle falling over, hitting a barrier or another vehicle when driving off the second deck or colliding with another vehicle), inform the crew as soon as possible, but no later than when driving off the ferry into the port area. The event will be recorded by the crew and no later complaints will be accepted due to a lack of evidence.

The crew of the ferry will forward the details of the event to the marine safety manager for processing. Such cases generally remain open for three months. The proceedings are extended if the event is not resolved during this period. Our customer support will give you information about the proceedings.

It is classed as an insured event if the damage occurs when driving on or off the ferry. According to the Motor Insurance Act, driving on and off a ferry engaged in regular services is equal to road traffic (§ 8(2)(1)) and problems are solved in the same manner as in a usual traffic situation in the case of an accident caused by a driver. If damage is caused only to the driver’s own car, comprehensive insurance (if any) covers the damage.

Events caused by the loading process may also occur when driving on or off a ferry (e.g. a vehicle is damaged due to the changes in position of the ramp caused by high water levels), resulting in damage to only one vehicle. The crew of the ferry records these events and they are processed by the marine safety manager.

If a traffic accident occurs between two vehicles in the port area and people are not injured, the event is processed by the insurance company within the framework of mandatory motor insurance. Please also inform a port operative of the event.

Children under the age of 15 must be supervised by their parents or other adults onboard our ferries.

Read more here.

We chose because praam is a common colloquial term for ‘ferry’ in Estonian.

The word is familiar, understandable and easy to remember for people in Estonia.

We organised a competition in March 2015 to find names for our new ferries and received almost 1000 entries from nearly 200 people.

The names Tõll, Piret, Leiger and Tiiu were suggested by 36 people from the mainland and the islands.

The captain decides in each specific case whether exiting or entering a port is safe, taking into consideration the speed and direction of the wind and the sea level.

In addition to strong winds, the direction of the wind and the sea level may influence the movement of a ferry. These are the main factors that influence a ferry when entering and exiting a port. Safety is our top priority.

The schedule is prepared in cooperation with local municipalities and representatives of the Transport Administration and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

The ministry orders a certain number of departures from TS Laevad on the Virtsu-Kuivastu and Rohuküla-Heltermaa routes. Periods of higher demand and the proposals of local governments are taken into consideration when preparing the schedules.

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