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Possibilities onboard

The long journey to the port is behind you. Now is the time to enjoy the views and relax. The following amenities will allow you to do just that.

  • In the onboard shop you will find refreshing coffee, quick snacks and great souvenirs.

  • Our onboard restaurant Take Off offers tasty, healthy and quick meals throughout the day.

  • Fun games and a play corner await children on the ferry.

  • You can find gifts from our range of souvenirs as a reminder of your trip.

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Discover our destinations

Warm weather beckons everyone to the seaside, and especially to the islands. This is reflected in long queues during summer. Take the time to feel the breeze caress your face, listen to the lazy lapping of the waves and stand on the very edge of land and sea.

As Estonia’s largest and third-largest islands respectively, Saaremaa and Muhu are addictive to many. In summer, you will find nature here that is quite different from the Estonian mainland, along with distinctive tourist farms; while in winter, you can enjoy a nice spa break on the island.

The jewels in the crown of Muhu are the village of Koguva with its long stone fences, Üügu bluff and the pagan gravestones at St Catherine’s, one of the oldest churches in Estonia. Moreover, the people of Muhu have revived an ancient tradition: painting doors and decorating them with magical symbols.

Enjoy long, sandy beaches, visit small villages and discover the deep inland forests of the island. Hiiumaa is ideal for hiking, exploring or merely enjoying a relaxing holiday. The island is best-known for its lighthouses.

Good to know

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You can buy an e-ticket on the e-service homepage or by logging in to your account.

We recommend that all passengers buy their ticket using the e-service. A ticket purchased from the e-service guarantees priority boarding for the departure indicated on the ticket. In addition, driving into the port area will go smoothly: the driver does not have to stop at the ticket office and can enter the port area directly via the e-ticket gate; the barrier opens automatically. A number identification camera recognises the registration number of the vehicle. If this is not functioning, you can call the number indicated near the barrier or scan the QR code on the ticket.

If you wish to travel at a time other than the one indicated on the ticket, it is good to know that an e-ticket is valid in the first-come, first-served queue starting from the time of purchase until 48 hours after the departure time indicated on the ticket.

No. Tickets can be bought in the praamid.ee e-service or at the ticket office at the port.

Contractual business customers operating a regular transportation service (e.g. buses) can also pre-book tickets via our customer support. Our customer support will also help you book a place for large, special or heavy vehicles.

Tickets can be bought in the praamid.ee e-service or at the ticket office at the port.

Tickets for foot passengers can also be bought by calling a special phone number from your mobile phone. Every port has its own phone numbers, which can be found on the board in the port building. You can buy four types of tickets by calling the special phone number displayed on the board from your mobile phone (there being a separate number for every type of ticket at each port, as displayed on the board): full, discounted and free passenger tickets as well as discounted tickets for permanent residents.

Tickets can be bought for one direction and for a specific departure. The purchased ticket is valid for the next departure.

The ticket prices and discounts offered by TS Laevad OÜ are in accordance with the requirements of the regulation indicated below. We created our ticket sales system on the basis of the relevant conditions. Whether you buy a ticket at the ticket office or in the e-service, the same prices and discounts for permanent residents and the procedure for calculating them apply.

Regulation no. 120 ‘Ticket prices and discounts for regular services on the Kuivastu-Virtsu, Rohuküla-Heltermaa and Sõru-Triigi ferry routes based on a public service contract’.

A 20% higher ticket price applies to departures from the mainland to the islands after 13:00 on Fridays and from the islands to the mainland after 13:00 on Sundays.

  • The higher price does not apply to regular bus services or vehicles whose owner, authorised user or user is a permanent resident of or company registered in Hiiu or Saare counties.
  • The higher price does not apply to passenger tickets either.
  • If you have a ticket for a departure before 13:00 but arrive at the port at a time when ticket prices are higher, you must change your ticket at the ticket office and pay the difference according to the price list.

Ticket prices and discounts are established in Regulation no. 120 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure of 25 September 2015.

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