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Possibilities onboard

The long journey to the port is behind you. Now is the time to enjoy the views and relax. No rushing about. What could be more enjoyable than a cup of good, hot coffee and a hot pastry straight from the restaurant’s own oven? Our onboard shop and restaurant welcome you on every trip from early in the morning to late in the evening.

Onboard restaurant

Our onboard restaurant, Take Off, serves quick, tasty and healthy meals throughout the day. The best part is that you can choose your preferred dish and how much you want of it yourself.

On the morning menu you will find appetising porridges, healthy salads, various snacks and sandwiches, pancakes with savory or sweet fillings and freshly baked pastries.

The daily menu always offers soups and mains. Apart from fish, poultry and pork, the selection also includes vegetarian options. Take raw salad as a side dish, add seeds, herbs, croutons or salad dressing, supplement your dish with an assortment of black and white breads and a meal fit for a hero is ready to be enjoyed!

Sandwiches, paninis, fresh salads, smoothies made on the spot, bakery treats, wraps, organic and raw bars, a range of drinks and delicious fruit are available at all times.

“The dishes prepared in the Take Off onboard restaurant are made from fresh, unprocessed ingredients. We avoid using certain things in our cooking: flavor enhancers; condiments containing salt; sauce, stock and dessert powders; and liquid concentrates. Everything is made from all-natural ingredients.”
Evelyn Bauman
Product development specialist for the Take Off onboard restaurant

On our ferries Piret, Tõll, Leiger and Tiiu, catering has been provided by Baltic Restaurants Estonia AS since 1 October 2019.

Onboard shop

Did you catch the whiff of cinnamon buns as you stepped onboard the ferry? Fancy a coffee or a quick snack? Perhaps you would like to spend the trip reading?

No problem. Our onboard shop is always open on our 5 ferries and will treat you with hot drinks and freshly baked buns and pastries. Quick and tasty meals can also be found on the grill menu in the onboard shop: you can choose from hot dogs, wraps, paninis and taquitos. In addition, there is a selection of high-quality newspapers waiting to be read.

Apart from products traditionally sold at kiosks, the onboard shop on the ferry Piret, Tõll, Leiger and Tiiu also offers products made on Muhu, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. These include food, craft beer and souvenirs. For those with a sweet tooth there is a wide range of tasty treats, but healthy alternatives like vegetable snacks, wellness shots, nuts and snack bars are available as well.

“I make sure that every snack bought from the onboard shop is tasty and of the highest quality.”
Riho Aunroos
Head chef at R-Kiosk

Alongside all this, a responsible attitude to nature and the preservation of a clean and naturally diverse environment for the people of Estonia are important to us. The coffee cups in our shop bear the Swan label, and we use wooden coffee stirrers, paper drinking straws and napkins made from recycled material.

Onboard shop service on our ferries is provided by R-Kiosk Estonia AS.

Children’s corner

Our ferries have a fun play corner suited to children aged 2-8. Parents can make use of the convenient parent & child restroom on the second passenger deck (up the stairs next to the catering area) and use the changing table in the restroom for disabled persons.

Using the lift is a convenient way of getting from one deck to another. You will find the lift by following the signs on the ceiling of the car deck.
Children up to the age of 15 are obliged to travel with a parent or accompanying adult.


When you visit the onboard shop, you will notice a shelf with TS Laevad souvenirs. Our souvenirs have been created to offer you something unique to remind you of every sea voyage and bring back fond memories, or which has practical value.

The selection is variable, but includes something for different age and taste, for example a keychain, refrigerator magnet or coloring book for the little members of the family.

You will find our souvenirs from the onboard shop on the ferries Tõll, Piret, Leiger and Tiiu.


The crossing on the Hiiumaa route is more than long enough to enjoy reading a book from our library. If you find something that interests you on the shelf on our ferries Leiger or Tiiu, you can take it with you, continue reading at home and return it to the ferry on your next trip.

Equipment for disabled passengers

There is a lift on the ferries Piret, Tõll, Leiger and Tiiu. About your request to park near the lift please inform our employee in the ticket office. Read more detailed information about it from the menu “reminders for passengers“.

The lift will take you comfortably  from the main deck to the 4th deck – passenger deck. There is a wheelchair for your use if necessary. On the passenger deck there are designated wheelchair places and a restroom adjusted for wheelchairs in the middle of the deck.

There is no lift on board of the ferry Regula, so we kindly ask the passengers with walking disability to stay inside the vehicle during the trip.

Onboard with pets

The area where pets are allowed is in the stern part of the passenger cabin, i.e. at the end where the onboard shop (R-Kiosk) is located, and on its sides. Pet areas are marked accordingly.

While indoors, the pet’s owner is responsible for cleanliness and order and is obliged to clean up after their pet immediately, if necessary. Furthermore, the owner is liable for any damage caused by their pet to other pets or passengers and to the property of the ferry company or other passengers. The seats are meant solely for the use of people: pets must stay on the floor.

Clean, healthy, vaccinated and socialized pets are allowed to be indoors in the designated area on the ferry. In other cases, we kindly ask you to leave your pet in your vehicle. The crew has the right to ask a passenger with their pet to leave indoors if the pet is disturbing other passengers or its owner is not adhering to the rules in force on the ferry.

WiFi and power sockets

There is a free, high-speed WiFi network onboard. To charge your devices, there are also many power sockets located next to the seats.

Outer deck

There are seats on the outer deck which allow you to enjoy the sea views. Be careful when doing so, and do not allow children to remain on the outer deck alone or to climb on the railings. There is also a designated place for smoking on the outer deck.

Note that the outer deck may be slippery when wet.