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Buying a Ticket from the E-Service

Good to know

Selecting your trip

Select route
Selecting your trip
Round trip

Ticket selection

When choosing your ticket, you first have to mark your mode of travel. There are four options:

Travelling in a vehicle

Travelling on foot

Travelling by bicycle

Paying for tickets

Paying for tickets

Payment with a saved credit card

For a faster and more convenient credit card payment, you can save your credit card. You can add your credit card:

Under subdivision “Saved credit cards” you can add cards, add comments to existing cards and remove cards. To add a card, click on the button “Add credit card”.

Next, submit the required information, tick the box to remember the card, authorize it and fill the required boxes accordingly.

After authorizing and entering the required information, the card will be added to your account. You can also add a comment to you card, if desired.

When paying for tickets in the shopping cart, you can choose an already saved credit card to pay quickly and conveniently.

If you wish to pay with credit card but you have yet to save one, you can complete the necessary actions by clicking the button “Add credit card”. After adding the card, go back to the shopping cart, select the suitable card and pay for the tickets.

Purchased tickets

Purchased tickets