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Dear passengers on motorcycles

11.06.2017 22:18

The summer season has started and traveling to islands with motorcycles is getting popular. When traveling with a motorcycle we recommend purchasing your ferry ticket for your suitable time from our e-service
We draw your attention to the fact that a motorcycle is a separate type of transport and you need a separate ticket for it.

When you have purchased your ticket from the e-service you need to ride to the e-service line at the harbour. For opening the boom gate please call the number on the boom or scan the QR-code on your ticket. Next, you’ll be guided to the harbour area to the line of priority vehicles.

There’s a chance your motorcycle would not fit on the journey requested if you purchase your ticket from the kiosk at the harbour. General rules apply for motorcycles – passengers with e-tickets can get on a requested ferry and passengers, who have purchased the ticket from the harbour must wait in a general line. In case of nice weather and many passengers the waiting time can be several hours.

On a ferry you have an option to park your motorcycle into a small space (a pocket so to say) or if requested ask the crew for a loading strap and secure your motorcycle to the appointed place. In case you wish to secure your motorcycle with a loading strap please take the saddle cover with you.

We wish all motorcyclists a safe and pleasant journey!

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