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Ferry Leiger


Technical details

Name: Leiger
Place of construction: Sefine shipyard, Turkey
Launching: 1 March 2016, watch the video
Built: 2016
Christening: 19.12.2016
Position: view on map
Home port: Heltermaa
Lenght: 114,0 m
Width: 19,7 m
Draught: 4,0 m
Passenger car capacity: 150
Passenger capacity: 700
Wheelchair seats in the lounge: 7
Speed: 15 knots
Class: DNV +1A1 R3 ICE-1A CAR FERRY B E0



Reisiparvlaev Leiger




Ferry Leiger has received its name after the Hiiumaa hero Leiger.

Who was this ancient hero?

Leiger was strong like his brother Tõll living in Saaremaa. Though by size he was a little smaller than Tõll but he was said to have had even more strength than Tõll. At least it seemed so to the people of Hiiumaa themselves. Leiger was still tall – when going through the Väike Strait (Small Strait) the water only reached up to half of his thigh. He however weighed so much that when sitting on a rock the top of the rock was often crushed.

Leiger fought bravely against enemies and always rushed to help the islanders, when foreign rule threatened the land. As a hero, a long barn pole or the beam of a cart suited him as a means of combat. With those he hit so powerfully, that a hundred iron men were on the ground with one hit.

For his large strong body Leiger had extremely fast legs. They were even so fast as to once manage to run after an entire pack of wolves. During winter the wolves are said to have come to Hiiumaa from the mainland and caused a lot of harm to cattle. Leiger became furious at it, tore an oak out of the ground with its roots and whacked the wolves with it so that for years all of wolf-kind disappeared from Hiiu entirely.

A right Hiiu person likes to go to the sauna after working on the field and so did Leiger. He was exceptionally skilled at building a sauna. He even built himself the first sauna of Hiiumaa, which turned out so great that it even lured Tõll to visit for sauna evenings from the neighbouring island.

Leiger however seemed to especially like hosting parties. Sometimes the partygoers stayed at Leiger’s home between the Soonlepa swamps in the Vilivalla woods for a whole ten days. Leiger’s home was beautiful and he always offered his guests only the best with the help of his wife Tiiu. Barrels of foaming drink were also always stored for the partygoers.

This is how Leiger became a Hiiu hero, by protecting the Hiiu people bravely from enemies and organising fun parties.