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Ferry Piret


Technical details

Name: Piret
Place of construction: Remontowa shipyard, Poland
Launching: 1 February 2016
Home port: Kuivastu
Lenght: 114,0 m
Width: 19,7 m
Draught: 4,0 m
Passenger car capacity: 150
Passenger capacity: 700
Wheelchair seats in the lounge: 7
Speed: 15 knots
Class: DNV +1A1 R3 ICE-1A CAR FERRY B E0

Reisiparvlaev Piret



Ferry Piret has received its name after Piret, the wife of the hero of Saaremaa, Suur Tõll.

Who was this strong Saare woman?

As Tõll was a hero, Piret was a heroine as well. By size she seems to be a little smaller than Tõll, but women are a little smaller than men by height anyway. But her hips were broad and her legs thick as logs.

Piret also had might. She was a strong Saare woman. She did not have a choice anyway, as when Tõll went far away as the helper of the people, the entire housework was on Piret’s shoulders. And Tõll went away often. As the woman of the house she took care of the home and food, in addition ploughed, sowed, cut on the meadow. For her husband she would boil a cauldron of cabbage broth a day and baked an entire oven of bread. The bread made by Piret was so good, it almost melted in the mouth. Like Piret’s bread, her ox meat pastries received a lot of praise from the Saare and Hiiu old ladies.

Besides all this the heroine even helped her husband with building. When Tõll started to build a sauna for them, Piret’s task was to carry the heater rocks. In the course of the hard work however it happened that one boulder fell out of Piret’s apron by the Kõiguste manor, straight on the heroine’s toe and then into the ground. It is there even today. Regardless of everything, the heroine was also fragile and the tears were easy to follow because of the pain. The rock that fell on the toe caused so much pain that Piret sat on the ground and broke out in tears. She cried so much that a swamp was created, which is known by the name of Naestesoo.

As is appropriate for a strong Saare woman, Piret overcame the small mishap, gave Tõll a son, continued with daily activities and remained a good helper for her husband.