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Ferry Tiiu


Technical details

Name: Tiiu
Place of construction: Sefine shipyard, Turkey
Launching: 29 April 2016, watch the video
Home port: Heltermaa
Lenght: 114,0 m
Width: 19,7 m
Draught: 4,0 m
Passenger car capacity: 150
Passenger capacity: 700
Wheelchair seats in the lounge: 7
Speed: 15 knots
Class: DNV +1A1 R3 ICE-1A CAR FERRY B E0

Reisiparvlaev Tiiu


Ferry Tiiu received its name after Tiiu, the wife of Hiiumaa’s hero Leiger.

Who was this Hiiu heroine?

Tiiu was a heroine, who Leiger took as his wife. Tiiu was the sister of Tõll’s wife Piret. Therefore Tiiu was also of hero birth, but she was younger and even smaller than her sister. Even so, Leiger liked her a lot. And rightly so, as Tiiu was great at homework, she was a great help to her strong husband.

A good Hiiu woman often has several names. So does Tiiu. When she was born on this earth she was named Maret instead, but when she moved to Hiiumaa, she was started to be called Hiiu Tiiu. Everyone got used to the name Tiiu quickly, because she did indeed look more like a Tiiu than a Maret.

All home activities were left to the woman in Leiger’s home. When Leiger was hunting, fishing or fighting enemies, Tiiu took care of the household, grain field and apple orchard. Their apple orchard was rich, bowed down trees full of sweet fruit, the entire field was also green with young rye and cabbage heads each autumn.

Tiiu was very good at cooking. When Leiger brought several moose calves home from hunting, Tiiu knew at once what to do with them. She skinned the skin and skilfully cut the meat from the bones, baked it on the fire and boiled the broth. That way the hero family always had enough food.

And there were many mouths in their family. To continue the Hiiu kind, Tiiu gave Leiger four sons and several daughters on top of that. The sons were not as great in height and might as their old man, but still good and hardworking hunks of men that built themselves homes in different places in Hiiumaa when they grew up. The daughters however married foreign men.

By being expeditious, hardworking, patient and showing motherly care Tiiu reflects traits, which are characteristic of Hiiu women even today.