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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing, changing and using a ticket and its validity

Can I use the e-ticket for other departures than the one marked on the ticket?
I missed my ferry. Can I change my ticket or get a refund?
E-tickets are valid in the general queue from the the moment of purchase up to 48 hours after the departure time marked on the ticket. You can also change or return your ticket up to 15 minutes prior to the departure.

If you use your ticket at a different time than that marked on it, you will not be able to get into the priority queue with your vehicle, instead, you will be directed into the general queue, where it is not guaranteed that you will fit on the next ferry. You can get into the priority queue only if you go through ticket control at the time that has been marked on your ticket.

Keep in mind that some trips are more expensive during the weekends. You have to pay for the price difference, if the change increases the price of your ticket.

Can I buy a ticket via e-mail or on the phone?
No, you can only buy tickets from the e-service and a ticket office at the port.

Only contractual business customers who are organisers of big events or of regular transport services (bus and logistics companies) can book tickets in advance by contacting our customer support team. You should also contact customer support in order to book a place for oversized vehicles and vehicles with dangerous cargo.

Look, how to buy an e-ticket:

How do I receive invoice about the tickets?
The ticket and invoice-purchase confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address after you have purchased the ticket. If you have bought the ticket while logged into our e-service, you will find the ticket and invoice in the subsection “My tickets” in the section “My account”.

If you are a contractual business customer (you have signed a customer contract with us) and you use the prepayment or credit on your customer account to pay for the tickets, an invoice of the entire month’s purchases will be sent to you (in the) within the first seven days of the succeeding month; you can also find the invoice via the e-service, in the subsection “My invoices” in the section “My account” of the company. Separate invoice-purchase confirmations for each ticket can be found in subsection “My tickets” in section “My account”.

Do I have to print out the ticket?
No. Your e-ticket will be checked at the port in the following manner:

Do I have to buy a separate ferry ticket if I’m travelling by a coach bus?
No, you do not. If you have bought a bus ticket to a destination, the route of which includes a ferry ride, then the ferry ticket is covered by the price of the bus ticket.

When do I have to pay the 1.5 x price of a ferry ticket?
The 1.5 x price applies to departures from the mainland to the islands on Fridays from 1 PM and to departures from the islands to the mainland on Sundays from 1 PM.  The 1.5 x price means that the ticket price during the aforementioned times is 50% higher. The increased price does not apply to buses that cater to bus companies or vehicles the owner, authorised user or user of which is a permanent resident or company of the Hiiu or Saare County. Neither does the increased price apply to traveller tickets (people travelling without vehicles).

If you have a ticket for a ferry that departs before 1 PM, but you reach a ticket office at a time when the increased price applies, you will have to change your ticket and pay for the difference in prices according to the price list.

Prices and discounts have been established by Regulation of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure 25.09.2015 no. 120.

I paid for tickets, but an error occurred and I cannot see my tickets, nor did I receive them via e-mail. What should I do?
Please contact our customer support team by calling +372 618 1310 or send an e-mail to When contacting us via e-mail, be sure to include the date, time and direction of your desired trip, as well as the registration number of your vehicle and a PDF-format payment order.

Just to be sure you haven’t missed anything, check your junk mail folder before calling us or sending an e-mail. Your tickets might have ended up there.

How can I change or cancel my ticket?
You can change or return your ticket up to 15 minutes prior to the departure, look here for more.
Look, how to change an e-ticket:

Look, how to cancel an e-ticket:

How can I travel, if I don’t know the exact time of the trip or it is impossible to buy tickets for the desired time?

If you prefer the E-Service as a Shopping channel but the exact time of your trip is not known, or it is impossible to buy tickets for the desired time, you can purchase a general queue e-ticket via E-Service. The general queue e-ticket is not linked to any trip and is valid from the moment of purchase up to 2 days. A general queue e-ticket can be changed into an e-ticket which is linked to a specific trip and vice versa. You can find out about the advantages of the general queue e-ticket and the possibilities of accessing the port area with a general queue e-ticket here.

What happens to my ticket, if the trip is cancelled or the departure time is changed?

If scheduled trips are cancelled or the departure time is changed, an e-ticket will be changed into a general queue ticket which can be changed or returned as desired. You can change or return the general queue e-ticket up to 23:45 on the same day. You cannot return or change a general queue e-ticket in the ticket office.

Ferry ticket prices

How are ticket prices determined?

Discounts for residents

How are discounts for residents’ vehicles determined?

Private clients:

Legal entities:

Determination of vehicle discount
  1  2  3
 Private client  According to population register, place of  residence is Saaremaa or Hiiumaa  Named in vehicle’s registration documents  as owner, user or responsible user  
 Legal entity  Registered in Hiiu County or Saare County  according to commercial register  Named in vehicle’s registration documents  Driver’s discount ticket
is valid

Does a vehicle owner, responsible user or user with the right to the discount have to be in the vehicle during the crossing?

How is the resident’s discount determined regarding trailers?

What is ‘rush hour’?

Does the 50% higher price also apply to bicycles and mopeds?  


Can I get the permanent resident discount on my traveller ticket with a passport?
You will need an ID-card to verify your right to a discount in order to buy a ticket with a permanent resident discount from the port or an e-ticket with the same discount. An ID-card is a domestic personal identification document that is compulsory for everyone over the age of 15 (incl.).

I am a permanent resident of an island and I have more than one car. Can I buy discount tickets for all my cars?
Yes, you can. As a permanent resident of the island, you have the right to purchase discount tickets to all vehicles, the registration certificate of which lists you as an owner, responsible user or user.

I am a permanent resident of the island. Can I get additional discount if I show my student card/pension certificate?
No. According to the price list, a discount price is meant for students, people over the age of 65 or permanent residents of the Saare or Hiiu County. Therefore, you cannot get a double discount.

Traveling with a motorcycle

When traveling with a motorcycle we recommend purchasing your ferry ticket for your suitable time from our e-service
We draw your attention to the fact that a motorcycle is a separate type of transport and you need a separate ticket for it.
When you have purchased your ticket from the e-service you need to ride to the e-service line at the harbour. For opening the boom gate please call the number on the boom or scan the QR-code on your ticket. Next, you’ll be guided to the harbour area to the line of priority vehicles.
There’s a chance your motorcycle would not fit on the journey requested if you purchase your ticket from the kiosk at the harbour. General rules apply for motorcycles – passengers with e-tickets can get on a requested ferry and passengers, who have purchased the ticket from the harbour must wait in a general line. In case of nice weather and many passengers the waiting time can be several hours.
On a ferry you have an option to park your motorcycle into a small space (a pocket so to say) or if requested ask the crew for a loading strap and secure your motorcycle to the appointed place. In case you wish to secure your motorcycle with a loading strap please take the saddle cover with you.
We wish all motorcyclists a safe and pleasant journey!


Can I still get on board of a ferry, if there are no tickets left at the e-service?
The e-service usually sells up to 75% of the available tickets depending on the port. The rest of the tickets will be sold from a general queue. You can buy general queue ticket from the ticket office at the port or general queue e-ticket from the e-service. You can find out more about general queue e-ticket from here.

Where can I get additional information?
If you need information about ferry traffic or other support, please contact our customer support team by calling +372 618 1310 or send an e-mail to Customer support is available every day from 8 AM to 8 PM. You can always find the most up-to-date information in the news section of our e-service.

How long does the crossing last?
The duration of trip on the Hiiumaa route is 1 h 15 min and on the Saaremaa route 27 min.

How did the ferries get their names?
In order to find names for the new ferries, we organised a competition in March 2015 under which we received nearly 1,000 name suggestions from about 200 persons. The names of Tõll, Piret, Leiger, and Tiiu were suggested by 36 persons from the mainland and islands.

What is the limit of high winds due to which the trip gets cancelled?
The departure of the ferry from the port is decided by the captain. Our first priority is to ensure safety.

Who determines the ferry schedules?
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications commissions a certain number of trips from us. In cooperation with the county government and the ministry, we will fix the schedule according to this.

Are children permitted to travel on the ferry without parents?
We would like to ask you to ensure that children are under the supervision of their parents on the ferry.

Does the motor third party liability insurance apply to my car on the ferry?
Within the meaning of the Motor Insurance Act, damage caused while driving on or off a ferry engaged in regular services is deemed an insured event. In this case, please contact your insurance company, because further proceedings of the case are carried out by the relevant insurance companies.

If the cars start to move on the ferry, for example, due to navigation or weather, and cause damage to other vehicles, it is not considered a traffic accident and any damages caused by this are not compensated by the motor third party liability insurance.

Where to I turn with complaints?
In order to resolve problems and complaints, send an e-mail to or call our customer support team at +372 681 1310. Customer support is available every day from 8 AM to 8 PM.

As a consumer you have the right to turn to the Consumer Disputed Committee of the Consumer Protection Board for the settlement of complaints. As of 15.02.2016, consumers also have the opportunity to file complaints to the Consumer Disputed Committee via the EU Online Dispute Resolution website.