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Information for Business Customer

Operations of a contractual business customer
Charging the tickets on a company’s account in a ticket office
Actions in the E-Service
Advance Payment via E-Service

Operations of a contractual business customer

Becoming a contractual business customer

Actions in the E-Service

Logging into your account

Select your role

Advance Payment via E-Service

  • If there are not enough funds available in the company’s account to buy tickets, as a contractual business customer, you can make an advance payment via E-Service. You can make an advance payment at a convenient time and buy e-tickets immediately after payment.
  • To make an advance payment, go to your company’s E-Service account and select “Advance Payment” in the section “My Account”. Enter the desired amount and choose a suitable payment method.

Subscribing to Account Balance Notifications

Purchasing tickets on credit, changing and cancelling tickets

To keep your journey running smoothly and to avoid spending too much time at the port, we recommend using the opportunities of the E-Service
Contractual business customers have:
1. A better overview of trips – you can view your trips at any time.
2. A clear overview of invoices – when buying an e-ticket, you have the option to add the purpose of the trip as a comment, as well as information on driving time and vehicle number. This makes accounting much easier.
3. Opportunity to buy serial tickets – advance sale for contractual business customers, i.e. the possibility to buy serial tickets.

When travelling with an e-ticket, all other benefits are also applicable: priority queue for the trip marked on your ticket, a time save and no queueing, quick access to emergency information and a convenient and easy ticket management system.

If you prefer the E-Service as a shopping channel but do not know the exact time of the trip or it is not possible to buy tickets for the desired trip, you can buy a general queue e-ticket from the E-Service. The general queue e-ticket is not tied to any specific trip and it is valid on the day of purchase up to 48 hours. The general queue e-ticket can be changed into an e-ticket which is tied to a specific trip and vice versa. The general queue e-ticket can be changed and returned via E-Service until 23:45 on the day of purchase. The general queue e-ticket, like any other e-tickets, gives you an advantage when reaching the port area – i.e. you are directed to the general queue instead of waiting in ticket office queue.

Adding a main or regular user, modifying and removing rights


Adding vehicles to your account

My Vehicles

Adding persons to your account

Saved Persons

Checking invoices, credit limit and available funds

Changing contact information

Allowing/denying ticket sale from ticket office with customer account balance

Charging the tickets on a company’s account in a ticket office

In order to charge tickets to your company’s account, the company’s account in the e-service must have a registration of either:

You can charge the tickets to your company’s account if there is a sufficient credit limit or prepayment on that account. You will have to pay in cash or with a bank card, if there are insufficient resources on the account.

In order to purchase tickets from a ticket office, do the following:

You can later find the tickets charged to the company’s account in the e-service, in the customer account subsection “My tickets”.