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On Board Restaurant Take Off

The on board restaurant Take Off offers passengers the chance to eat healthy and delicious meals all day long.

The breakfast menu offers appetising porridges, salads, a variety of hot snacks and sandwiches, pancakes and pies with savoury and sweet fillings. Breakfast is offered from the first trip until 11 a.m.

After breakfast the passengers are welcome to enjoy our buffet meals where each passenger can choose their meal and the size of the portion.

The daily menu always includes soups and various main courses and in addition to fish, poultry and pork dishes we also have a vegetarian option. We have a selection of green salads and sides you can add to your main dish as well as an assortment of fresh bread and black bread, seeds, herbs, croutons, and salad dressings.

There’s sandwiches, paninis, fresh salads, fresh smoothies, baked goods, as well as wraps, organic and raw snack bars, a selection of drinks and fruits available at all times.

Food made at Take Off is unprocessed and made from fresh ingredients. We don’t add salt or flavour enhancers; sauce, broth or dessert powders; or liquid concentrates while cooking; all the broths, soups and sauces are made from natural ingredients.
Evelyn Bauman
Product Development Specialist at Take Off On Board Restaurant

At Take Off we have the self-service buffet to reduce food waste – the customer can choose the desired size for their meal.

We care about the environment and cardboard packaging, paper straws, and wooden cutlery are preferred for takeaways.

From October 1st 2019 Baltic Restaurants Estonia AS is providing catering on Piret, Tõll, Leiger and Tiiu. The company has been operating in Estonia and Latvia for more than 20 years. Owing to more than 1300 professional employees, we successfully carry out our work in more than 250 lunch restaurants, eating-places, and cafés, as well as banquets and outings. With an annual turnover of more than 25 million Euros, we have become the leading catering enterprise in businesses, educational and state institutions in the Baltics. Baltic Restaurants Estonia AS operates in Estonia as Daily, Chat, Take Off, and Subway.

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