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On-board store

On-board store delights travellers with fresh coffee, on-the-go snacks and other convenience goods.

The on-board store always offers high-quality coffee and hot drinks – espresso-based coffee drinks with fresh Estonian milk foam, cocoa and tee. Sweet and savoury pastries are baked on site at the store. Passengers can also enjoy quick and easy meals from the grille menu, a variety of hot dogs, wraps, paninis and taquitos.

The selection includes goods from the islands of Muhu, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. You can purchase food, craft beers and souvenirs. Those with a sweet tooth are sure to find something to their linking, as are health enthusiasts who can choose from a variety of vegetable snacks, health shots, nuts and granola bars.

The store also carries a selection of popular newspapers and magazines and other traditional news stand items.

Fast-paced life requires proper nutritious food. We ensure that you would have a lovely selection of nutritious foods even during the busiest of days. Stop by R-Kiosk, where you are welcomed with snacks, cold-pressed juices, sweet treats, proper coffee with an excellent milk foam and a lot more.
Bon appétit and bon voyage!
Riho Aunroos
Chef of R-Kiosk

On-board stores care about the environment. Our coffee cups carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, we use wooden stir sticks for coffee drinks, paper straws and napkins made of recycled materials.

R-Kiosk Estonia AS continues the provision of store services on the ferries Piret, Tõll, Leiger and Tiiu as of 1 October 2019. R-Kiosk Estonia AS, with 100 points of sale, is owned by the Norwegian family enterprise Reitan Group, which is the second largest convenience store retail chain in Europe. In total the group employs over 18 000 employees, about 350 of them in Estonia. As on of the few Estonian retail sale companies, R-Kiosk Estonia AS manages its stores along with franchisees.

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