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Onboard Our Ferries

Children’s area

On ferries travelling on the Hiiumaa route, the children’s area is situated on the 2nd passenger deck, for ferries on the Saaremaa route, the children’s area is on the 1st passenger deck. The children’s area is equipped with toys and a television with a kids’ programme to ensure a fun trip.

Equipment for the disabled

A convenient way to get on the passenger deck is to take the elevator. Every ferry has a wheelchair on the passenger deck and the crew is happy to help you.

Pet room

On ferries travelling on the Hiiumaa route, the pet room is situated on the car deck. The pet room is equipped with a water tap, drinking bowl for pets, a bench for the pet owner and one cage with the following measurements: 75×46.5×53 cm. When leaving the pet room, make sure it is clean and in order.

Sun deck

There are seats on the sun deck, so that you could enjoy the lovely sea view. The smoking area is also on the sun deck.

Wi-Fi and sockets

Wi-Fi on board the ferries is fast and free of charge. There are several sockets next to the seats for charging devices.