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18.08.2016 11:45

On 18th August, TS Laevad OÜ launched a new website, which shows timetables for ferries sailing between Estonia’s mainland and islands Muhu/Saaremaa and Hiiumaa; via the site it is also possible to sign business customer contracts. ticket system and client support will start working on 1st September 2016.

According to Ele Reiljan, the manager of sales and services of TS Laevad OÜ, the new website includes all the necessary information that might interest the passenger traveling between Estonia’s mainland and the islands. „On the site one can check ferry timetables that are valid until the end of this year and also ticket prices and discount terms. Additionally, it is possible to get info on how to buy tickets and how the boarding process works; one can also read about the ports, destinations and the company TS Laevad OÜ. The site also has an exciting new feature – it is possible to follow the positions of ships in real time via live stream, “ described Reiljan.

“On the site there is also all the relevant info for business customers, who can sign contracts via the site. In order to make the ferry operator change more convenient for businesses, we invite all business customers to sign contracts already today. Private customers do not need to sign contracts anymore, they can use the services and get discounts by creating a customer account in the ticket system,” added Reiljan.

The new ticket system for ferries sailing between Estonia’s mainland and islands Muhu/Saaremaa and Hiiumaa will be opened on 1st September when ticket sale starts. Client support will start working on the same day.  Via the site it will be possible to buy tickets using a computer, tablet or a mobile phone.

The website was made in cooperation with Nortal AS and ASA Quality Services OÜ participated as a quality partner.

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