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Safety and Security Onboard

TS Laevad OÜ shall do everything within their power to ensure that our ferry trips would be safe for the people, cargo, ferries and the environment.


Our ferries, safety requirements and compliance with those requirements are inspected and verified by certification associations and various agencies. All ferries have smoke detectors, temperature sensors and a fire extinguishing system.


Our employees and those of our partner companies on ferries and in ports have been trained regarding prevention of accidents and ensuring the safety of passengers in emergency situations. Safety and security training courses are conducted regularly.

Evacuation equipment

Every ferry has enough evacuation equipment, which is in compliance with requirements, for everyone on board. At the beginning of each trip, we provide information, on screens on the passenger deck, about how to use evacuation equipment and what to do in an emergency situation. The ferry crew will give orders and provide instructions on how to use the evacuation equipment in emergency situations.

Emergency situations

In case of danger, you will hear an alarm, which consists of at least seven short and one long sound signal. You should immediately go to the nearest assembly point (these are marked on the safety plans in corridors) after hearing the alarm. The ferry crew will provide additional instructions through the ferry’s intercom. The ferry crew will provide further instructions to passengers on how to proceed in assembly points.