Accessibility statement mobile applications are owned by TS Laevad OÜ, and we aim to ensure that the application and its iOS and Android versions are in compliance with the accessibility requirements established under §32 of the Public Information Act.
At the end of the notice, contact details are provided for addressing any issues with the mobile application’s accessibility.

Compliance status Android and iOS mobile applications do not meet accessibility requirements for the following reasons.

Content and features that are not accessible

Keyboard navigation

Not all subpages in the mobile application may support keyboard usage. It’s crucial that screen functions can be controlled with a keyboard. On certain subpages, keyboard navigation may not be possible, or navigation may occur in an inconsistent order. Due to this deficiency, the non-compliant accessibility requirements are,,, and

Screen reader usage

On certain subpages, title elements in the mobile application code do not contain appropriate textual descriptions. In such cases, screen readers fail to read out screen titles, buttons, or notify users about links. In addition, on some subpages, the toggle button is not correctly associated with their descriptive labels. Due to this deficiency, the non-compliant accessibility requirements are,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Color changes and content enlargement

Graphical components in the mobile application interface do not offer sufficient contrast, and the application does not adequately respond to smartphone settings for text enlargement and contrast enhancement. When text and contrast are increased, the application’s texts are partially unreadable and do not provide the necessary contrast for users who need it. The contrast of user interface elements (such as input fields) and graphical components (such as icons) and their background colors are not adequate. Due to this deficiency, the non-compliant accessibility requirements are,, and 11.7. Color should not be the only way to distinguish visual information (in addition to different colors, distinction should also be made using other means). In the mobile application, warning levels are distinguished only by color. Due to this deficiency, the non-compliant accessibility requirement is,, and

Carousels cannot be stopped, paused, or hide

While using mobile application, it is not possible to stop, pause, or hide the switching of messages and banners. Due to this deficiency, the non-compliant accessibility requirements are


We continuously strive to improve the accessibility of this mobile application. If you would like to provide feedback on accessibility or if something essential remains inaccessible to you, please contact us via the details below.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +372 618 1310

Supervisory authority

The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority supervises the accessibility of public service websites and applications.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 667 2000

Statement preparation

This accessibility statement has been prepared based on self-assessment.
This statement was prepared on 25.01.2024.