For passenger

Lost and found

Sea trips often go by quicker than you would think, and you may leave something behind at the port or on the ferry in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. What next?

Lost items

If you discover that you have lost something, and think you lost it on the ferry or at the port, call customer support on 618 1310 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Let us know:

  • what you have lost, describing the item in as much detail as possible (adding a photo if possible);
  • the trip during which you lost the item (date, time and route);
  • where you think you lost the item (on the ferry or at the port; if on the ferry, then which deck);
    your contact details.

The item may already have been found and we may have been notified about it. If not, then we will look into the matter and notify you if we find your item. If everything goes well and we find item, we will agree with you on a time and place to collect it.”

Found items

If you find an unattended item on the ferry or at the port, give it to the employee at the ticket office or to a member of the crew during the trip. In both cases, please also tell them where you found the item so that it will be easier to return it to its owner.

If you find an item on the ferry whose owner can be identified immediately (e.g. a bank card or document), alert a member of the crew. We can notify passengers of the found item via the ferry’s public announcement system and return it to its owner.

We retain items that are found on ferries and are clean and in good condition for 30 days. Naturally, we cannot keep perishable items; nor do we retain items that are unfit for use.