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Simple solutions that work are important for the success of every company. This is why we recommend registering as our business customer, since it will make travelling on our ferries much easier for your employees.

Why become a business customer?

As a business customer, you can choose between various ways of purchasing tickets, create an account and enter into a customer contract, if you wish. Entering into a contract does not impose any limits, regardless of whether you travel every day, once a week or month or just a couple of times a year. If you travel rarely and do not wish to make use of the advantages enjoyed by business customers, you can also buy a ticket without logging in to the e-service or creating an account. Either way, you can add your company’s details when purchasing an e-ticket using the e-service.

If you create a business customer account but continue without entering into a contract, you still make the most of a number of additional possibilities. For example, you can save the details of frequent travellers (both people and vehicles) so that there is no need to enter them again each time, and you can access an overview of your earlier transactions.

If you enter into a customer contract, you can use various solutions to settle your accounts and gain credit. You also obtain the discount meant for companies registered on Saaremaa, Muhu and Hiiumaa. Moreover, you can purchase tickets on behalf of the company at the ticket office and obtain serial tickets using the e-service. Our customer support will help you set up an account and enter into a contract.

Creating a business customer account

It is useful to create a business customer account in the e-service to manage your tickets, view old invoices and make using our services more convenient.

There are several options for creating an account.

  • If you already use our e-service as a private customer and have an account, then click on the application form to register as a business customer on the “My account” menu.
  • If you do not have a private customer account, select the appropriate login method and you can create an account in a few easy steps. Then, in the section “My account”, find the application form to register as a business customer and fill it in.

Your account will be set up with a couple of steps:

  • Enter the registry code of the company and we will obtain the data automatically from the Estonian Commercial Register.
  • If the automatic inquiry is unsuccessful, contact our customer support to create an account.
  • If the automatic inquiry is successful, a pre-filled form will be displayed to which you can add the contact details of the company.
  • Choose the manner in which you wish to receive invoices: as an e-invoice, sent to your e-mail or via the e-service.

Now you can choose whether you wish to pay for tickets immediately using a bank link, credit card or mobile payment and tick the relevant box. In this case, entering into a customer contract is not necessary: a regular business customer account will be created for your company, which you can start using straight away.

To log in to a business customer account, you can identify yourself with a suitable authentication method, and then you can choose to log in as a private or business customer.

You cannot charge tickets to your company’s account at the ticket office if you do not enter into a contract. You can buy a regular ticket at the ticket office and pay for it with a bank card or in cash. In addition, no discount applies to vehicles of companies registered on Saaremaa, Muhu and Hiiumaa.

Viewing your account balance and invoices

If you have an account, you can monitor your account balance to see how much you have left for buying tickets during the current month.

If you use up your credit, you can increase the balance by paying for the services you used the previous month. We will send you summary invoices for services used in the last calendar month which have been paid for using the credit in the customer’s account or by advance payment by the seventh of the following month.

Subscribing to notifications concerning your account balance

As a contractual business customer, we recommend subscribing to notifications that are issued when the available balance in your account drops below the determined limit.

This way, you can keep up to date with the balance of your account in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when the funds available in your account are insufficient. The main user of the company’s account can subscribe to the notification in the e-service by determining a limit and the e-mail address(es) to which the notification should be sent.

Advance payment

If you use the advance payment method, you can make the payment via a bank transfer or use our convenient e-service.

Contractual business customers have the option of making a quick advance payment using the e-service at a convenient time, and can buy e-tickets straight after making the advance payment. To do this, log in to your company’s e-service account and click on the advance payment button on the menu, where you can enter the requested amount and choose your preferred method of payment.

Contact our customer support to obtain the details you need to make a bank transfer. Please note that the transferred advance payment will reach your business customer account the next working day.

E-invoices to your bank

Contractual business customers can have their e-invoices sent straight to their online bank. Standing orders help save you a lot of time, are very easy to set up and allow us to save paper and the environment.

To make automatic payments, you need to enter into a standing order agreement with your bank, based on which the bank will then pay your e-invoices in the future. Standing order agreements can be entered into with Swedbank, SEB, Luminor and LHV. In the case of e-invoices, the payment ID is your company’s registry code.

Changing your company’s contact details

If your company’s phone number, e-mail address or bank account change, you can amend them using our e-service.

Contact customer support if you need to amend your company’s name, registry code or contract information so as to take the steps necessary to make amendments to the customer contract or terminate the existing contract and enter into a new one.