Changing and returning your ticket

Changing and returning your ticket

It may be that you have thought about travelling to the islands or planned a visit to the mainland and bought a ticket, but your plans have changed.

In such a case it is good to know that a purchased e-ticket is valid in general queue starting from the time of purchase up to 48 hours after the departure time indicated on the ticket:

  • if you are certain about your new travelling time, you can change the departure time on your e-ticket;
  • if you are unable to go on the trip, you can return the ticket;
  • e-tickets can be changed and returned until 15 minutes before departure using the e-service.

Changing your ticket

You can change your time of departure, the direction of your trip, the registration number and category of your vehicle, the number of passengers and your contact details on your e-ticket. If the purchase price of the ticket increases due to these changes, the difference in price has to be paid. The difference in price is not reimbursed if the purchase price decreases.

If you did not log in to the e-service or register as a customer, look for the e-mail confirming the purchase of your ticket. You will find a unique link in it with which you can make the necessary changes.

If you buy a ticket while logged in to your account, look for the relevant ticket in your account and make the necessary changes. Once you have changed the ticket, we will send a new ticket and purchase confirmation to your e-mail address.

You can change only one ticket at a time (return tickets cannot be changed together). Also, one ticket cannot be split into several new tickets.

Returning your ticket

There are several options for returning your ticket.

If you bought a ticket without logging in to the e-service, use the unique link sent to you in the confirmation e-mail to return your ticket. You can access your ticket via this link and submit a refund request.

If you bought a ticket while logged in to your account, look for the relevant ticket in your account and submit a refund request.

We review all requests within 3 working days. If all the details are correct, we will reimburse the money to the same account which was used for buying the ticket within 10 working days.

Tickets cannot be returned to the ticket office at the port. E-tickets can only be returned via the e-mail link or using the e-service.

According to the price list, a service fee of 3,20 euros will be deducted from the refundable amount for each refundable ticket.