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Safety and security

Safety and security

We do everything we can to make our trips safe and secure for passengers, crew, the goods and vehicles we are transporting, the ferries themselves and the environment.

Our ferries, our safety requirements and our compliance with them are inspected by classification bodies and maritime authorities. Internal checks and routine maintenance work are regularly carried out. All of our ferries are equipped with smoke detectors, temperature sensors and a fire-extinguishing system.

Our employees and those of our partners on the ferries and at the ports have been trained to prevent accidents and to ensure the safety and security of passengers in an emergency. Safety and security drills are regularly held.

Survival equipment

Every ferry has proper survival equipment for all of the people onboard.

At the start of every trip, the screens on the passenger deck display information on how to use the survival equipment and what to do in an emergency. If an emergency occurs, the crew will issue instructions and provide guidance on using the survival equipment.


In an emergency, you will hear an alarm that consists of at least seven short and one long signal.

If you hear the alarm, immediately go to your nearest assembly point as indicated on the safety plans in the corridors. The crew will give you additional instructions over the ferry’s public announcement system. At the assembly points, passengers will be given instructions on what to do next by the crew.

Healthcare onboard

All of our ferries are equipped with a fully automatic resuscitation device.

The automated external defibrillator (AED) is located on the passenger deck on our ferries Leiger, Tiiu, Tõll and Piret, and on the restaurant deck on the Regula. The device helps to provide emergency assistance to a person whose heart has stopped and to save their life. The AED device is easy to use and does not require previous training. The ferry’s crew are familiar with the instructions for the use of the device and will be able to help if needed.

Safety video

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