Our sea is our responsibility

We aim to ensure the safety of passengers, the cleanliness of the sea, the maintenance of our ferries and an uninterrupted connection with the communities on the larger islands.  


Everyday activities for a better future

The prerequisites of social responsibility are setting goals that have been thought through and the targeted implementation of the principles of responsible and sustainable development in our everyday activities and decisions. 

We take the expectations of our target groups into consideration and have integrated the principles of sustainable business activities into the management process of our company. This means that we consider our business decisions in relation to their economic, environmental and social dimensions. We want to be a reliable partner to our customers, our current and future employees and our cooperation partners. 

We keep our promises and fulfil them to a high standard of quality!

Little steps, big results

TS Laevad first took part in the ‘Estonian Responsible Entrepreneurship Index’ in 2019 and was awarded the bronze label. This year we were awarded silver label.

Participating in the survey helps us map, monitor and improve our responsible and sustainable activities. 

How do our sustainable actions manifest themselves?

  • We act according to the principles and priorities of responsible and sustainable development in our everyday activities.

  • We monitor results and analyse the speed and successfulness of achieving goals and the need for change.

  • We constantly develop and improve our economic, social and environmental sustainability model based on the possibilities open to us and technological innovation.